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Munnar Top Station

Perched at a height of 1700 m and overlooking the beautiful panoramic views of Western Ghats is the top station in Munnar – one of the most attractive places to visit in Munnar in 1 day. Feel the murmur of cool breeze in your face and watch the Theni valley stretched out in front of you.

An ideal vantage point to view little human settlements peppered near the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, the top station will make you feel like you are on top of the world, literally.

Attractions & Activities: The rare Neelakunji flowers that bloom once every twelve years and give the destination its distinct, vibrant blue colour are a major attraction at Munnar top station.

How to Reach: Frequent bus service is provided to reach the top station. You can also book a cab or take a government or private bus.

Lakkam Waterfalls

This cascading waterfall located in Kerala meanders towards Marayoor from Munnar and is set among rolling hills and thick, lush vegetation. Tourists flock here to experience its mesmerizing magnificence and splendour. The tranquil surroundings coupled with thick flora make Lakkam Falls one of the coveted holiday destinations for couples.

If you explore this place during the rains, you can see the streams creating multiple cascades, making this place a visual spectacle for travel aficionados like you.

Attractions & Activities: Lakkam Waterfalls form plunge pool areas that are ideal for family picnics for locals and tourists alike. You can go for a trekking adventure as well.

How to Reach:  You can easily reach Lakkam Falls by road from Munnar. You will need to hire a cab and reach the fall, covering a distance of 1.5 km from Marayoor.

Echo Point

Located 15 kilometres from Munnar, at an altitude of 600 feet above the sea level is the famous Echo Point. Known for its natural echo phenomenon, it is at Echo Point where you can hear your voice reverberate back to you as an echo when you shout. Situated along the banks of the picturesque Kundala Lake, Echo Point is surrounded by misty clouds, hills, verdant meadows and forests, which make a visit to this scenic place even more exhilarating.

Attractions & Activities: One can enjoy a lot of activities here at Echo Point. Be it a peaceful stroll around the hill slopes, or a trek to the hilltop, Echo Point is a paradise for adventure junkies.

How to Reach: The distance between Echo Point Munnar from the city centre is around 17.2 kilometres. Echo Point is located on the Top Highway Road in the Idukki district of Kannan Devan Hills.

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park is located at a drive of 45 minutes from the City Centre of Munnar and is situated atop a summit of Western Ghats. Spread around a land stretch of 97 kilometers, this is one of the most sought place for Munnar sightseeing. It houses a plethora of flora and fauna and accounts itself amidst the other UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Attractions & Activities: One can enjoy a lot of activities such as bird watching, trekking etc. You can participate in its eco-tourism activity.

How to Reach: Eravikulam National Park is located at a distance of 13.2 km from the city center of Munnar. If you opt to travel via the Eravikulam National Park Road and Udumalpet Road, you will get to your final destination within 32 minutes.

Blossom Hydel Park

Blossom Park is an idyllic point situated at 3 km distance away from the main town of Munnar and close to the Pallivasal Hydroelectric Project. Expanding throughout 16 acres, the Blossom Hydel Park is an exotic land piece featuring a wide array of fresh flowers, lush green landscape, mountain butterflies, and embracing migratory waterbirds. The beauty of this park is further amplified by the Muthirapuzha River that trespasses its landscape.

Attractions & Activities: Apart from its natural setting, the Blossom Hydel Park is an apt location for all recreational sports. Trekking, zorbing, badminton games, roller skating, nature walks, and cycling are some fun-filled adventures to try here.

How to Reach: The city center of Munnar is located at 1.3 km from the Blossom Hydel Park. As the distance is quite short enough, you can easily cover it with local transport or a hired cab. However, you can even prefer walking from Blossom Hydel Park to the Munnar City Centre

Mattupetty Dam

Right in the lap of hills in Munnar lies the Mattupetty Dam, named after the hill station of Mattupetty. This concrete storage gravity dam was constructed in the 1940s for the purposes of hydropower generation and water conversation. Today, the dam is not only a major source of electricity in the region but also a popular tourist spot.

The dam works as an excellent vantage point from where you can soak in the stunning scenery, including the mist-covered hills. The dam has an abundance of water at all times of the year which makes it a home to several bird and animal species.

Attractions & Activities:  You can spend your time enjoying different activities, like bird-watching, watersports, boating, etc. The water sports activities include speed boating as well.

How to Reach: There are several ways of reaching the Mattupetty Dam from the city of Munnar and also from different parts of the country. You can choose to fly, ride a train, take a bus or drive to the dam. It lies approximately 11 kilometres away from the city centre and is fairly easy to reach.

Tea Museum

Apart from the amazing weather and the hills of Munnar, the Tata Tea Museum is a major tourist attraction. The museum depicts the history of tea plantations and processing since the earlier times. Most occupation in the region is based on the tea plantations. It is one of the most renowned in the world for its tea. Also, the Company holds the record for being the World’s second largest tea producer and distributor

Attractions & Activities: With a nominal fee of 100 INR, you can taste the many different kinds of teas that are displayed. One just cannot afford to miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

How to Reach:  You can take a bus or book a cab to reach the city of Munnar. The museum is merely 12 kilometres from the main city. The transportation facilities are smooth and you will face no problems.

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